9 New Features To Try On Social Media in 2019: Utilize The Best Of Social Media In An Innovative Way

Social Media is an online platform for sharing ideas, pictures, write-ups, videos, links, as well as information. Thus, it has the capability to create a network by connecting people all over the globe. It is a social app which builds an easy electronics-based communication by sharing the contents, snaps, videos and so on. However, some of the new features available in social media make it more flexible and represent it in an innovative way. If you don’t have an adequate idea on the latest features which you can try on social media, then this article will guide you. So, keep reading to gain knowledge on social media features that can be beneficial for you.

9 New Features Of Social Media To Look For

There are some of the New Features To Try On Social Media is more interactive and represent the platform in a new way. You can also try out any of them to get more facilities.

Watchwatch feature in facebook

Watch is an amazing platform for Facebook that makes easier to catch up the videos and live shows. Though this feature is not available all over the world as it one of the innovative technologies and launched recently. Moreover, it has an incredible power to connect the people with the spark conversations as well as the help of the foster community.

Further, the Watch lists include various live videos or shows, etc, that you can avail on your electronic devices. Mobile apps, TV apps with the latest episodes can be broadcast through the various functionalities. It keeps track of all the latest episodes of the TV shows and you can play it anytime as long as you have an active internet connection. So, you never miss out those episodes.


Watch is used to personalize the new shows, including what your friends are watching in the same communities. It also keeps track of the sites which you often follow or the most of the people watch on a regular basis. Then, it organizes those sites as per their ratings. Furthermore, the pages are categorized in a different way, such as the most visited pages, most liked pages, the pages what makes the people laugh, and etc.

Again, the pages are sorted out based on the comments along with the reactions on the specific videos. Therefore, you can see the comments while you participate to watch the shows in a dedicated Facebook group.

Watch acts as a creator and publisher platform where you can find the different people and build a community of passionate fans. There are some of the utilities make the Watch a famous feature on Facebook.

Major Facilities

  1. The shows engaged with the fans and community easily can catch every day’s new episodes. Moreover, all the shows in the same community are stored in the Watchlists and make the TV programs popular.
  2. The Live TV shows connect all the fans together in a unique way. The Watch helps to gather all the live shows by using the advanced combinations of the recorder. Additionally, you can watch the live videos of your favorite shows and get answers in real-time.
  3. Some of the shows follow the consistent theme in the watch list. Especially, the creative works are included, such as preparing any delicious food or writing an innovative article, etc. In the case, the videos show the entire process briefly at first, and then, summarize them for the fans and followers.
  4. The watch includes live online gaming, such as broadcasting any league once a week. So, people can enjoy watching programmes by connecting with their friends and fans on the same platform.

Collaborative Stories In Groupsstories

Facebook gives a facility with the clone features and the events that contribute to the Facebook stories. One can share his/her own stories and every one of that person’s Friends List can see the stories as the notifications. Thus, all the stories shared on the Facebook are shown sequentially based on the posting time.

The fans and the followers can see those by a single tap on them individually. Moreover, the visible stories could be the snaps for the parties, wedding pictures, any meetups, etc can be shared instantly on Facebook.


  • The interesting thing is that the collaborative stories act as private hashtags that improve the contents’ visibility to multiple people. Though the contents are publicly visible, but only shared with the people involved in the same communities.
  • People get the notifications of the current events as well as get the latest news feeds through this process. People also get the latest stories on the fan pages they follow and get the current information about that specific area. Suppose, if the Facebook users like any pages related to any celebrity, then the shared stories and contents are visible to them as the storyline.
  • Through this feature, Facebook providing information about specific people, such as celebrities and their hobbies, personal preferences, habits, etc. Moreover, Facebook can fetch the people and their stories around the users according to the particular interests.
  • However, the technology behind this process is quite tricky and to make it simple, Facebook came up with Facebook Lite. Here, you can access the pages directly and navigate the topics as per your needs without spending much internet data.
  • Besides this, Facebook stories can be synced, viewed and shared via Messenger and reduce the direct ephemeral messaging feature. Thus, the handling of the Facebook becomes easier as the online stories replies and the messages via Messenger app becoming popular day by day.

Other Facilities

Facebook stories or posts follow the algorithms set by the administrators for the Standard Timeline Posts. The admins of that pages can handle the entire thing. So, they can edit, modify or can delete the stories if they find them abusive, offensive, etc. Moreover, they verify before accepting the approval to visit the pages and the Facebook users can limit to watch the online stories if they want.

On the other hand, if the stories belong to any serious topics, might turn out to be a long-run on Facebook. Thus, this feature encourages users to share their real-life stories on the social networking site.

Free Sound Collection

Everybody knows that the sound is an important factor in videos and online shows. A melodious sound effect can instantly change your mood, recover people from any stressful situations. The Free Sound Collection is the easiest way to find the sound effects and editing videos only by launching it on the Facebook platform. Moreover, it provides video creator tools to create innovative videos on facebook.


This feature allows you to access millions of high-quality videos, audio-tracks with excellent sound effects. Thus, you can create simple videos by yourself and share them on other social sites. Another advantage is that Facebook saves all the videos and the users can watch even after 5-6 years. Not only that but also the rest of the people associated with the videos are capable to watch those online. Thus, sound collection function plays a vital role in keeping the recorded tracks with a high-range of sound effects.

Furthermore, it helps to discover the various mix of songs, vocals with different instrumental effects. The users need to launch the app only and use it properly. With this discovery tool, Facebook users can browse the songs as per their choices, and learn the lyrics, tunes from different artists.

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Story Highlights

In general, you can see that the stories shared on Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram disappear after 24 hours from posting. Story Highlights on several social media platforms lets the users share pictures, writing, link, videos, etc for a short period of time. And in this way, you don’t have to delete the stories after you are bored with them. They go away after 24 hours by themselves.


  • The Instagram users can see the published stories under the personal information of their accounts. Besides the Instagram feeds, the live videos appear immediately above the news feed and play as a stand-alone story. So, any Instagram users can easily watch it by tapping on it at any time. An interesting this that, you don’t need to search anymore to see those stories as they appear your home page.
  • Another advantage is that the Instagram Stories Highlights are extremely valuable for the business development process. It allows promoting the various products and goods on Instagram. Thus, the business owners get an opportunity to promote the business in the global era as the advertisement is shown at the front page of Instagram.

Broadcast Live In Split Screenbroadcast live in split screen

This Broadcast Live in Split Screen feature is available in both of the Facebook and Instagram. It allows you to do multi-tasking. Basically, it splits the window by multiple sectors and organizes them in an efficient way. Thus, you can use the Split Screen option on Facebook for different purposes.


You can arrange your business meetings as well as chat with friends via live video call system. Many times, you can use this platform for asking the interviews and the other part can be used for interacting the existing employees. In addition to that, you can fix the interview schedules online as well as participate in the online video conferencing. Thus, the users can utilize the time and complete the pending job as well. However, the Split Screen stream on Facebook is available for the iPhone users only. Thus, it is not available in the Android device.

The Instagram uses this Broadcast Live in Split Screen feature is the same way as the Facebook platform. But, both of the accessing and handling of the feature is quite easy on Instagram. You can invite your friend to participate in a Live video with you and complete other jobs by splitting the screen into other several parts.

Thus, you can broadcast the messages by inviting more than 3 people and start a conversation with them. As a result, you can communicate with different people and introduce them by using the same platform to make a group. The Instagram users can avail this facility on their iOS as well as the Android device.

280-Character Story

In the previous days, people can tweet up to 140 characters which were, at times, not enough to express their thoughts and opinions. For the user’s convenience, now people can expand their contents up to 280 characters. Thus, tweeting becomes easier in case of expressing the thoughts on the social site. The goal of Twitter is to make the content simply by balancing the speed levels.

Twitter is a platform where you can easily avail information about famous people and know their opinions about any topics, etc.

This increase in character limit helped the users to tweet more freely. At the same time, some brands can also promote their products and services via Twitter. Finally, celebrities can also share longer stories now.

LinkedIn Videoslinkedin videos

LinkedIn videos include the most influential global voices on the news feed along with the topics that affect the professional area recently. Moreover, the LinkedIn feed helps to make the app more valuable through dynamic conversations. This site is mainly effective in the business field as it helps to get a new job by connecting the jobseekers at a single platform.


LinkedIn video plays a vital role to understand the importance of the job role in the specific field. Moreover, the users can easily dive the contents and influences on the topics on their searches. The job seekers can respond by sharing the videos, comments on the sites. Even, they can invite the others and share videos with the same network.

The Influencer can follow the posts and give the replies directly in the news feed. Thus, the job seekers get facilitated to get the job as per their requirements. Only you need to open and log in with the LinkedIn account and fill up the personal details along with the educational qualification.

The influencer follows the videos and resolves their queries directly by frequently asking questions below the posts. Thus, users get notifications on the other influencers’ opinions about the same topic and get the opportunity to respond. Thus, they create an interactive session and share all the job-related information among others.

LinkedIn Career Advicecareer advice

LinkedIn is helpful to find the right job for the right people. So, you can use this career Advice hub for finding the right job as per your qualifications as well as the requirements. We know that a proper mentorship is a key for a satisfactory career. Through this latest feature, you can improve your professional life by receiving some form of the mentorship.

Nowadays, lots of jobs are available in the market but we face difficulty at the time of finding the right one. In this situation, you can create an account here and get notifications based on your skills. Thus, LinkedIn acts as a career builder platform for the job seekers and you can find the right job through it and become a professionally successful person.

Moreover, this Career Advice feature helps to connect the people across the LinkedIn network and guide their members to find a proper job. Again, if you want to build your career in a new industry or want to switch to other companies, this feature will show a right career path.


The filter in SnapChat, Instagram, etc is another new feature in social media network that helps to click pictures in a unique way. Here, you will get the opportunity to use filters on the images and give them your preferable looks. But, it also maintains the online story policy and the pictures disappear after 24 hours. However, it maintains some of the steps and represents the beautiful snaps.

Steps To Be Maintained And Advantages

Snap is pictures or videos with filtered effects which are deleted after viewing the customers. Moreover, the video snaps can be up to 10 seconds long and disappear automatically after 24 hours of sending.

In the Stories section, you can send the snaps to one or share with more if your friends. In the customization section, you can share the contents with the specific people or friends. It may be within your groups, or maybe the people in the same communities/ groups.

Now, come to the main section that is filtered effect on the pictures. These filters adds some special effects. This feature can be changed based on the users’ choices. For example, you can modify your lip color, jawline, blemishes of the skin, and so on. At the same time, there are funny filters, beautifying filter, animation filter, etc.

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In the above article, we have analyzed the latest features on Social media. Moreover, you will know the impacts on those features you can try on social media. We hope, this content will be helpful to use the social media app in an efficient way. So, reap the benefits of social media and enjoy your internet time. if you want to know more Digital Marketing service then contact us on the given mail id.

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