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What makes Guest
Posting so Effective?

Get unique content and a high position
in the Google search engine by just connecting with us.
Establish credibility and authority by publishing well-crafted content.

The booking process is short and precise,
for entrepreneur, SEO agency or affiliate marketers,
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Our guest blogged experts have the
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For long-term and effective search engine optimization, you need us.

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Through our Guest blogging services,
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We have helped more than 100+ business owners
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Transparent pricing

Options by budget:

  • Available blogs:


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Our service fee ranges from $10 to $50 per post,
depending on the site owner's price.

Take a sneak peek at our domain list

This is the kind of figures you can expect

Niche Domain DA Guest Post
Niche Edit
TF Organic
Tech www.inter**.com 30 $210.00 $100.00 46 9,000 861
Business www.intr**.com 49 $70.00 $135.00 43 717 1,080
Photography www.meg**.info 37 $150.00 $135.00 35 1,200 2,780
Marketing www.the**.net 39 $90.00 $160.00 47 1,200 2,830
Gaming www.Kelly**.com 46 $270.00 $100.00 41 2,000 3,600
News & Media**.com 34 $50.00 $35.00 33 4,400 460
Educational www.alan**.com 32 $120.00 $60.00 38 5,500 1,710
Food www.cube**.eu 48 $60.00 $30.00 32 4,100 4,760
Lifestyle www.intr**.com 55 $210.00 $65.00 37 4,800 2,790
Printer Support www.can**.com 53 $180.00 $30.00 30 5,500 914

How most Guest Post
Services work:

  • Take $100

  • Spend $10 to order an article

  • Give $20 to the website owner

  • Earn $70 with a 230% ROI

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How Robinhoweb Outreach works:

  • Take $40

  • Spend $10 to order an article

  • Give $20 to the website owner

  • Earn $10 with a 33% ROI

The way we can build you
perfect guest posts:

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You send us your website
URL & Budget


We search for the relevant to
your niche blogs and send you a
few options with all the details,
metrics & prices


You approve/exclude
some of them


We reach out to
webmasters, who need to
approve your guest post


You pay ONLY if website owners confirm
that they can publish a guest post with a
link to your website


We write articles
and submit them to
( which takes 7-10 days)


Take a look at the Domain List with all the existing metrics and
choose the websites yourself

Why Guest posts
from Robinhoweb?

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guest post image

Guest Posts

Want to improve the website’s conversion rate within a stipulated time frame? Then, instead of investing time and effort in any other type of content, simply focus on publishing guest posts. These are considered to be more engaging and informative than a blog.

White papers

Basically, the white paper content contains an in-depth report or guide about a predetermined subject. Mainly oriented towards online readers who are experiencing certain problems. They can get immediate solutions and you gain the lead.

Service Pages

Do you own a service company? You must provide adequate information about the available service packages, discount offers and obviously about the company. We can provide impeccable service for guest blogging sites and a considerable amount of dofollow backlinks.

Technical Blogs

If you are planning to start a tech-website, we can help you to get more than 2-3 technical guest posts daily. We have deployed writers who have expertise in writing different technical blogs that can help you to achieve long term and short term goals.

Additional Benefits

Being a leading guest blogging service company, we also have the calibre in providing these content categories: Copywriting, Blog posts, Interview transcriptions, Press releases. So, make sure you have provided your contact details, name, and a valid email address so that we can revert back.

Awesome content quality

Choose from a plethora of options Backlinks that play an imperative role in determining the overall ranking of the website. This is the primary reason why our professional team emphasizes providing high-quality backlinks to guest blogging services.

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Guest Post vs Niche Edit

At Robinhoweb we can provide you with guest posts, as well as niche edits of amazing quality. Both of these link building strategies work particularly well for authority purposes. Niche edit is a slight adjustment of an existing blog post, that includes a link insertion. Guest post on the other hand is a completely new piece of content, written exactly as you would like.

Take a look at the table below.

Guest Post:

  • Great for establishing brand trust and PR purposes

  • Fresh and unique content, tailored to your topic

  • Control over anchor text, body text and title

  • Requires writing an article and negotiating a placement

  • Usually more expensive

Niche Edit:

  • Aged blog posts have already gained traffic, recognition and a strong URL rating

  • Old content that is relevant to your niche but indended for other purposes

  • Control over anchor text

  • Takes less time and resources to implement

  • Usually less expensive