Apache Cordova

In order to make the applications cross-platform supported, there is a development process called Apache Cordova. In this process, you might wonder about some facts which are mentioned in the section below.

What Is Apache Cordova?

The next biggie in line for mobile app development is Apache Cordova. It’s a mobile application development framework that can be used by programmers to build an app. Despite using platform-specific APIs for different smartphones, Cordova uses CSS3, HTML5, and Javascript. With Apache Cordova, you can build a cross-platform mobile app. That means, the app you create is not specific to any platform like Android, or iOS. The same app can run in multiple platforms without any hitch.

Another great pro factor while choosing Cordova is that programmers with knowledge in Javascript will find it easy to handle and build apps using this framework. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the fact that this app development process contains some very important facts.


How The Apache Cordova Applications Are Developed?

 Apache Cordova application development process includes different services that you need to create a website. It uses CSS3 and HTML5 in order to render the applications. The language that is used for logic implementation in this app development process is the JavaScript. For all the hardware of your devices such as the accelerometer, camera, GPS, and other sensors, the HTML5 provide every access. Using a foreign function interface, Apache Cordova embedded the HTML5 code to overcome the barriers.

With JavaScrpit, you can add more functionalities to the application you develop. This allows the app to communicate between the HTML page and the native layer of the application. These plugins are out there to offer access to the different hardware of your device.

In addition to all that, the Apache Cordova applications run slower than all the other applications. And the notable thing here is that you get the applications with the similar functionality that you get in others. The only difference is that the Apache Cordova applications use the Web-based technologies whereas the other applications use the native languages.

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