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Cost of lexapro vs celexa ". In other words, a situation where the price of an antidepressant is $1,000, the cost of Lexapro costs about $1 to $1.5 million the country. In contrast, cost of Lexapro will be a small fraction of that on a patient with depression who already paid thousands of dollars for their medication. So why is the cost of Lexapro so high? As we said, a drug like Lexapro has to go through a number of steps before it's approved. They have to prove that the drug actually works; antidepressants are effective against depression and that they are safe; have to prove that Lexapro is safer than currently available antidepressants. There Lexapro coupon code is an additional step that critical in determining cost, which is the FDA review. In Lexapro's case, the FDA decided that Lexapro would be approved for the treatment of moderate to severe depression. So at this point it's obvious why Lexapro is so expensive – if you are taking it, will not be able to treated with antidepressants. You will therefore need to be treated with another form of treatment (like psychotherapy or counseling), which may come at an additional cost to the client. So Lexapro costs, in the US, equivalent of between $2,000 and $6,000 a year depending on the cost of therapy and how long the person stays on drug. And if a patient only has mild depression, it could cost much more. A recent study published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry found that Lexapro can increase the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior in women (by 22% for every year that the drug is taken and by 30% for every year the drug is taken for more than 3 years). The reason that women appear to be more prone suicidal thinking and behavior with Lexapro is not because they are more likely to have depression. However, the reason is that drug was only effective in about 60% of the women who took it for depression. Women with severe depression, who have no other form of treatment to offer, are not likely be able to get out of the Lexapro dose range, which increases the likelihood of suicidal thinking and behavior. It's like having a glass of ice water and saying that it will not cause you to have any frostbite. It would be like saying that alcohol does not cause liver damage. The study concluded that "these data highlight the need for new therapeutic strategies to treat these patients and underscore the need for an improved FDA approval process to assess drug efficacy with better predictors of benefit." This study is important for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most important is to highlight how little control we really have over cost of lexapro vs generic the cost of drugs for our health. The US health care system allocates more than 30% of its budget to pharmaceuticals – a far larger proportion than any other country in the world. Drug manufacturers know this and they that the cost of a drug like Lexapro can get out of hand and therefore they try to charge the government for it. But when we as individuals try to make choices and spend our money on things we choose, are actually making a choice that the health care system has no control on at all. For people with depression, we have no choice but to take Lexapro. It's the only effective treatment that's available and we can't afford not to. So, if Lexapro were cheaper, it might be cheaper Lexapro 5mg $45.42 - $0.5 Per pill for people who are prescribed it. Instead, the cost of Lexapro increases our costs as well. In this case, the cost of Lexapro increases healthcare for the entire country. If cost of Lexapro were lower, it might not be that much of an additional burden on the economy, but Lexapro is so expensive that it's a huge burden on people who live with depression. We need to do everything can as individuals to make sure that we can be as successful with drugs we do counseling and psychotherapy. In the case of Lexapro, we can't say, "hey don't want to take Lexapro, for the sake of economy," and then just get a cheap generic drug. That's like saying "hey there are too many people on welfare, let's cut them off. But we need to put food on the table for 1,000,000 Americans who starve and we can't let that happen so we must feed them at the expense of 1,000,000 people who are employed." We've made a choice to not afford any therapy, and we can't just switch to other therapies because of the economic burden. The economic burden of not accepting a treatment is one of the most difficult things that people with depression can face. It takes courage to admit we have a problem and to make personal choice be in treatment and not.
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