From its initial release in the year 2013, Ionic has been continuously excelling through years. In the native application development, it contributes much more than any other frameworks. Whatsoever, there are numerous key features of this framework. Before going into too much detail, there are a few facts that you might want to know.

What Is Ionic in App Development?

Ionic is an open-source software development kit (SDK) for hybrid mobile app development. It provides tools and services through which developers can build their app. It uses popular web technologies like CSS, HTML5, and SASS to write the app’s programs. You can build an app using Ionic and distribute the same using native app stores.

How The Ionic App Development Works?

Ionic is standing upon two major platforms which are Apache Cordova and Angular JS. By using the Cordova plugins, Iconic get access to all the hardware of your devices. With the Ionic Software Development Kit, you can create different native applications for multiple platforms with the same UIs. You can have the full capability with this SDK, you can customize your applications as per your need. With the build tool Cordova, It allows you to develope your application as well as deploy them in different stores. All of that you can do with a simple command line tool that comes with the Ionic SDK.

Features Of Ionic Framework

There are various features included with this framework. It includes the interaction paradigms to offer a better and interactive UI. With all the mobile components and an extensible base them, it provides you with everything you need to develop your favorite applications.

You can have the full convenience to interact with the custom components of the applicatoion. Without any performance hits, it allows you to scroll through a list that has thousands of items in the application.

Thus, Ionic presents yet another option for building an app which can be smooth and efficient and can be distributed over multiple platforms.

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