Top 20 Advanced SEO Techniques To Improve Your Search Rankings In 2019

Nowadays, if you want to know something, you go to the internet first to search for it. And to do that, you use a search engine. There are a lot of search engines available in the market and the most popular among them is Google. Google and other search engines are continuously changing their algorithms. That’s why it has become quite a tough task to improve your ranking on the search engines. However, as the algorithms are changing, the process of Search Engine Optimization or SEO is changing as well. To improve your SEO techniques, there are several SEO Services that you can follow.

SEO techniques

Following some of the best and latest SEO techniques, you can easily rank up your site. And with the changing algorithm of these search engines, in this year you might not be able to rank your site with the same techniques that you followed last year. The world of SEO is dynamic and that has too much importance on your website. If you want to stay at the top of the SERPs, you always need to improvise your SEO techniques. By taking care of every factor ranging from the keywords to provide backlinks and the most appropriate contents. However, if you follow the optimum SEO methods at your disposal, then you get the full flexibility to outperform the contenders of your business.

Write Long Blog Post In Your Content

It has always been a stress to the SEO experts to improve the quality of the content. Before posting it, they need to check whether it is fully optimized or not. This is the most important factor that will help you improve your rankings. If you have optimized content with a moderate length, then it helps a lot. Thus, you can never completely ignore the length of the content that you are about to publish.

According to these organizations, the posts that rank at the top of every search engine contain approximately 1.8k to 1.9k words. Hence, it’s true that long blog posts can be a helpful factor to boost your ranking on the SERPs. Sometimes, you may not get the success with this SEO technique on your website. To completely get this technique useful, you need to strike a fine balance between the quantity of the content as well as the quality of it.

Utilize The Bucket Brigade Copywriting Technique

When it comes to writing for SEO, it’s not just about the keywords that you should follow. There are two possible scenarios that a user will find while visiting your site. It depends on the orientation and optimization of the content of your website. These two factors are responsible for whether a user will stay on the page or leave it right away. To prevent a user from leaving your page is so important as it might give a negative impact.

Further, if you want to rank higher, then make sure that the visitors are spending more time on your website by following some simple ways. In other words, make sure the dwell time is higher than the bounce rate. You can do that by making some of the most compelling articles on your website. In order to hook the users to the site, you can use this Bucket Brigade Copywriting method.

You always want the article to be completely smooth because it is helpful in the optimization process. The sentences that you have used in the article should lead up to each next sentence. And one more important fact is to take care of the paragraphs. Each paragraph of the article should propose the readers to the stream of thought in the following paragraph of the article.

If you are wondering about the Bucket Brigade Copywriting technique, then you should know that it is nothing but a smart tactic to capture the attention of the readers.

Keep Your Content Updated

You should go through the old blog posts on your website to make the most out of your content. You should also check whether it’s still relevant and if not then update it. To get a better ranking in Google, you should make changes to your SEO techniques. Also, updating the content is one of them as Google has brought major changes to its algorithms. You always should add more information to the existing article instead of creating a fresh one.

To make your content updated with the latest trends, you also should update the headlines. You can make edits in the copy to make it more SEO-friendly to get higher rankings on different search engines. This SEO technique usually takes a very little time to complete. It also helps you to reach a wider audience of your website. Once you make your blog post popular among users, you can easily achieve higher ranking on the search engines.

Perceive Quality Backlinks

The credibility of your website always increases when the high domain authority links back to your website. To gain more edge over your competitors, you should have these quality backlinks on your content. It is a fact of reliability to the search engines to have quality backlinks on your web content. In the SERPs, you are always welcome to achieve higher rankings if you have a good amount of backlinks. To get a better score on the search engines, this SEO technique helps you big time.

With the help of social media influences, you can bring more people to your website. You can also get these quality backlinks by collaborating with the guest blog posts. There are various websites that directly link back to your site without your permission. However, it doesn’t create a problem unless they are spam. Your domain authority can get negatively affected if such websites are linking back to your website. You must disallow these spammy links from getting back to your website There are different ways to find these inbound links of your page.

Research The Keywords Very Well

Finding the most relevant keywords by spending some time on it helps to achieve a better SEO ranking. After thoroughly researching the keywords, you can match the requirements of the readers on your content. If you are not using the right keywords in the content, then you cannot get the readers to your site.

As a result, you cannot achieve a higher ranking. However, using the right keywords, you can have a better conversion rate on your site. With the help of increased conversion rates, you can expand your business. There are a lot of tools that can help you research the befitting keywords.

The use of these tools is so easy all you need to do is to enter the target keywords and leave the rest to it. After that, they will fetch all the keyword combinations that are the most relevant to your content. You can even get to know the search volume of the required keywords using that keyword research tool on your website.

Make sure that you are not using so many generic terms at the time while listing your keywords for your website. Long-tail keywords work even better when it comes to keyword researching.

Write RankBrain-Friendly Content

The famous search engine Google uses this RankBrain algorithm to improve your appearance on the search results. RankBrain is there to understand the query like a human, and then, provide you with all the possible results. To fetch more relevant keywords, it breaks down your query into word vectors that directly help you to bring your site to the top. In this algorithm, you will find different helpful facts to improve your ranking.

The most unique aspect of this algorithm is that it doesn’t focus on the current query that you have made on Google. It also checks what you have searched here at the first time. Afterward, it alters the results with the second query that you have made on the search engine.

That’s why you must optimize the content as per the requirement of RankBrain. To get better click-throughs, you should always try to create RankBrain-friendly contents. You can do that focusing on the medium-tail and long-tail keywords.

Focus On The Requirements Of The Target Audience

There are different aspects that you should know about to improve your rankings. You must know what your target audience is talking about. You also should know that what are the platforms they are using the most.

And above all, how you can connect with them to offer your products and services. You need to mold your SEO strategies in such a way that you are fulfilling the requirement of your customers.

Once you gather the complete idea about their needs, you can easily improve your site ranking. If users are talking about some specific products, then you should make a review of those products on your post. Follow the comments of the users and decide what are the most popular post where people are coming together.

To get the feedback from the customers there are different analytic tools available in the market. The main purpose of your SEO strategy should be depending on to understand the customers’ requirements. And as per their requirement, make an optimized content.

Analyze The SEO Strategy Of Your Website

Analyzing the website of your business appears to be the best way to improve your SEO strategy. You should make improvements on those points that you have identified through a detailed analysis. In order to stay ahead of the competitors, you always need to focus on the timely SEO analysis. It might seem to be a very old fashioned SEO technique, but you can easily overlook a lot of websites with its help.

There mustn’t be any kind of broken links as they offer a bad user experience. A number of facts out there that we usually overlook on our websites. However, in order to improve the ranking of your site, you always have to ensure that you haven’t missed these important factors. These factors vary from the page titles to the loading time of the site.

Additionally, an SEO audit always helps you assess your performance on the internet and then offer you with the preventive measures. You can even set goals for your website based on the requirements of the customers.

Use Internal Links In The Content

In the entire process of Search Engine Optimization, it doesn’t end at getting a user at the homepage. The motive should always be to hold the visitors on the website for a longer time. It will reduce the bounce rate of the site and bring a higher ranking. The more visitors visit the page and if they stick to it for a while, then you can easily gain a higher ranking on the search engines.

If you are linking all of the content internally, then you’ll get a more structured content for your site. With the help of this SEO method, you can have the full convenience to bring more organic traffic.

This technique also ensures that Google’s web spiders are having enough flexibility to crawl in your site. In case, you have older blog posts, you can pull in more web traffic to your website without facing a lot of trouble.

Search For Broken Links On Wikipedia

For gaining the opportunity to bring more quality backlinks, you can always check in at Wikipedia. It is the minefield where you can get more and more quality backlinks that people usually overlook. There are a lot of articles that don’t contain any kind of citation or statistics. In there, you will find some links that have no existence on the site.

You can get the full advantage of this error that appeared on Wikipedia. So, creating a content that directly relates to these void links would help you gain more credibility. With this, you can redirect organic traffic from Wikipedia to the website of your business.

Use Social Media Platform To Post Your Content

You should not always depend on your website to gain credibility to improve the ranking. Apart from it, you can use other platforms as well. You need to build social media presence too on the internet to get more traffic to your site. There are multiple social media platforms that you can use to reach out to more people. However, you have to check beyond these factors in order to build authority and improve the rankings of your site.

Great platforms can help you to bring more people to your site if you have quality content on those platforms. With the help of these sites, you can easily increase brand awareness and improve the visibility of it. You can generate more leads to your business with the help of this SEO technique.

Write Optimized Headlines

It’s so important that people are engaging with your site, but it’s not sufficient. Along with the engagement of the users, you also should take care of the fact that you are ranking well on the internet. For better compatibility of the search engines, you should use the right keywords on your web content.

Whatsoever, you should not use too many keywords on the headlines as it might seem robotic to the search engines. A better headline can help you achieve a better ranking. So, with the different versions of the headlines, you can get a better ranking.

Creating a better headline is a tough task and to create it you should follow some easy tactics. At first, begin with a very simple headline that would be easy to read. Then, move on to the next one and finally to the third one. Each of them should come up with different words with the same meaning. Afterward, you need to combine all of them together to get the best headline.

Another important thing to check that if you have made the headline enticing enough that a user clicks on it. You can use different software that will help you to choose an optimum headline for your content.

Use The Most Appropriate Tags For Visual Content

Search engines come up with numerous features that help them to index your site. But they don’t hold the capability to scan the images and videos of the content of your web page. Hence, you must ensure that the crawlers know the content very well as they are responsible to bring you to the top. For achieving it, you can use different title tags in your content of the site.

The title tag is there to define the visual content that you have on the web page of your business. On the other hand, you can use the alt tags to inform the search engines about the visual relevance of the content.

Add More Infographics To The Content

The easiest way to simplify the most complicated topics can be achieved by using the infographics. They can captivate the visitors’ attention easily with their incredible looks and design. You can make your information accessible to all the users of your website. The illustrations and the infographics can help you bring the best response on the site you have. Different data visualizations and charts can work so well in bringing more traffic to rank you better.

There are no strict rules that you have to follow to offer better information using the infographics. You can add video contents and text to make the graphics more informative. You can also make GIFs to be more creative with it. The most useful part of using the infographics is that you can reuse them on social media platforms and on your website as well.

Find Keywords Your Competitors Rank For

You can rank up on the search engines if you follow the strength and weakness points of your competitors. To do that, you must research the keywords in a much more effective way. A wide section of business owners use the most relevant keywords for their websites but you shouldn’t do that. But for an effective SEO strategy, you should have the full information about the target keywords of your competitors.

Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices

With the changing world, you must design a website that is fully compatible with mobile phones. More than half amount people surf the internet from their smartphones and therefore, you need a mobile-friendly website to get a higher ranking.

In such cases, the responsive websites help a user to easily browse them without facing any problem related to their small screen size. Hence, optimizing your site for mobile devices is a great idea and by this, you can rank higher on the internet.

Improve The Page Loading Speed

One of the major backlogs of a page is that it takes too much time to load at the first time. If your website is taking too much time to load, then you can never convert the visitors into potential customers.

Overall, it gives a very bad experience to the user at the time of browsing your website. All the search engines take this as the most important flag for enlisting your site. If the website is taking some time to load, then you can never get that rank you have hoped for.

Optimize The Content For Easily Available By Voice Searches

There are too many features available today with the online voice searching technology. With its help, you not only get access to the internet but also do a lot of stuff. Users might search for your website through their voice commands.

In such scenarios, you should optimize your website in such a way that it has the voice searchability. If the users are asking some questions, then your site should have those answers ready.

Make More Video Content

The video content is another important aspect of the SEO process to improve your ranking. Search engines are including the video contents on the search results after users search their queries on them. Hence, it is so important to add video content to your website to get the most out of SEO strategy. However, adding the video content is not enough, you also take care of using the right keywords for it.

Create A Well-Structured Website Architecture

If you don’t have a good website architecture, then no SEO techniques will ever work for you. It is the best thing to have a well-structured website for your business. An organized website helps you to bring more and more business to your website. With the most appropriate content-added website, search engines get the ease to crawl your site.

If you have an ecommerce website, then this SEO technique will help you the most. Having a good architecture of the website helps users to find different products without any trouble.

Hence, these are the main SEO Techniques to Improve Your Search Rankings on different search engines for your online business. If you follow these techniques, then you can easily rank your site higher without facing any problem. We hope that the write-up was helpful to you as a complete guide.

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